How Dogs Smell So Well, Animated

Bill Davis

Dogs love stories. Their remarkable ability to use their sense of smell provides them with all the information they need each day for a night of story-filled dreams.

They can actually ‘see' a world far beyond our awareness.

The dog nation has value far beyond what most of us realize. They are now woven into our society, not just as companions, but as military heros, K-9 service partners, disease-sensing workers, sled dogs, service dogs for mentally and physically challenged populations and much more.

This TED video has been viewed nearly 1 million times already, but we wanted to point out one thing in it that you can use to actually help your canine friends.

See if you can guess what it is…

Did you notice how a dog has the ability to distinguish each indivdual ingredient in any substance?

Dogs love to smell the world around them. It's where they get their information.

They love those who spend time with them.

They love to run and walk.

And perhaps more than anything, they love a good meal.

So now you know that your dog(s) can smell every ingredient, you want to reward them with an abundance of great smells.

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Since your dog can smell each ingredient that goes into these formulas, they may be tempted to beg for more or even ask for the cat's food, too.

It is strongly suggested that you stick to the feeding guide on the bag, and never feed him/her cat food.

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Keep your dogs remarkable functions working as healthy as possible with holistic.

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A dog’s sense of smell is an amazing advantage. Visit NOVA’s Dog’s Dazzling Sense of Smell website and find out just how awesome it is! Wondering if your dog is one of the breeds with acute olfactory senses? This site lists the top ten most sensitive dog noses. The BBC also offers some insight into the nose of a dog with: How powerful is a dog’s nose? Watch as “Fern,” a search and rescue dog, seeks out a canister of meat deep underwater. An impressive feat, to be sure. Can she find it? Looking to “sniff” out more information about dogs? National Geographic’s Wonder of Dogs discusses all of a dog’s senses.

Dogs are an immense part of many people’s lives and can open the world to people suffering from mobility issues, anxiety, seizures or autism. Learn how dogs have helped Veterans recover from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, provided assistance to autistic individuals (Four Paws for Ability) and helped people with seizures as a Seizure Dog. For a list of services provide by dogs to humans click here. Interested in finding out more about service dogs or know someone who would benefit from one? Visit the United States Dog Registry for more information and links to International Services.

Source of video: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-do-dogs-see-with-their-noses-alexandra-horowitz

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