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Sharpei puppy and spotted Leopard cub

Sharpei Puppy and Spotted Leopard Cub~Photo by lifeonwhite

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So, you're an animal lover and have decided that you want jobs working with dogs and cats or to work with animals for the rest of your life; but what are your options?

It's not just about considering the range of animals you could work with; there is also a wide range of environments you can choose to work within, whether it is at a veterinary surgery, a zoo, work from home, or even your local park.

In a Zoo

If you want to work with animals such as big cats, birds or reptiles, a zoo will have a plethora to choose from. You may want to work directly with the animals as a keeper or more on the sidelines as a tour guide or as a habitat designer. There are lots of vocational college courses and specific qualifications which will stand you in good stead, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you might also want to consider doing an apprenticeship as part of your training. You could also gain some paid-for work experience in a ‘Keeper for a Day' program or a longer gap year placement program in an overseas safari park or conservation project.

In a Vet Surgery

Working as a vet can be a very rewarding career and delivers great job satisfaction. It takes a lot of hard work and stress to get there but it'll be worth it. You'll work with animals of all shapes and sizes – not just cats and dogs – as well as the owners, so it's essential that you're a great communicator. In terms of qualifications, you'll need good GCSE grades in Maths, English and Science, usually at A or A*, as well as clutch of at least 3 A grades at A level from a combination of Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. University courses are often oversubscribed so you'll want to try to make your application stand out.
You can also become a veterinary nurse or even a receptionist and these are roles that offer a great way to enjoy the ‘softer' side of working with animals.

In an Animal Grooming Studio

This can be hard work but also great fun. Decide firstly what type of grooming you want to get involved with – general care, bathing and nail clipping will require little experience, but if you want to work with show dogs you'll need to gain specific qualifications.

In the Great Outdoors

Professional dog walkers love their jobs! It gives them a great opportunity to work with animals that they love everyday in different environments. It's also a great way to keep active without ever visiting a gym, as each walk will typically last 30-60 minutes. As a professional [like any business], you'll be expected to have comprehensive insurance and liability cover but also a police check to show clients that you are trustworthy – especially as you might have access to their property whilst they are at work. You might also want to consider a dog handling certificate, which can also help build credibility as well as develop your skills.

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Note: This is an editor's top pick because The Healthy Pet Challenge's main focus is on Pet Safety. In today's environment too many dogs and cats are becoming ill and even dying in larger numbers, and many tragedies could be prevented! This is a most serious challenge, and we hope you see the value and security in it. No obligation or requirements except absorbing the information as much as possible. The Personal Pet Profile is optional. We will do a complete review later. The work-from-home opportunity is very cool. It fits right in with your search for jobs working with dogs and cats, and we will earn and teach you if you commit, but the #1 priority is your companion animal(s) safety and happiness. ~Kathy Davis, editor-at-large

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