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Kathy and Bill Davis

Kathy and Bill Davis

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There are some super animal sites online. Who needs another? Well if we were to do something in our twilight years, it would be devoted to giving back the unconditional love we received our whole lives from our companion animals.

Plus we just wanted to be able to see current news just about the dog nation in one place–so we created a news site. Just click the Dog News label on the main menu of each page.

We consider ourselves a new leaf to the tree of life for them by increasing awareness of animal rights, as well as help inform new parents of care, adoption, training, nutrition, exercise, etc.

Life is supposed to be fun, and since our companion animals are the expression of love, then we get the opportunity to express that in these pages.

Kathy just finished reading the book My Dog Skip. Isabel loves to hear stories, and she kept Kathy company every night as she read this inspiring story. The movie was good and if you need something in pages to spark your imagination, get My Dog Skip

Reading, film and music are Kathy's other passions. Her life the past 16 years have been devoted to helping disaster survivors get relief.

This project has been devoted to her by her husband Bill whose passion for the past 21 years has been building websites. You may have seen him appear as:

Bill Davis

Bill Davis

Author: Dog Training Encyclopedia

Bill figured it was time to do something special for the family. This is not the first dog blog he has made, but it has a different side to it.


It took a lot to get the e-cards working the way we hoped. We contacted professional animal photographer Eric Isselée from LifeOnWhite.

Then we needed high-quality code. That's when we contacted Hans Matzen

We will be adding holiday theme cards, but for now, we have 51+ cards in the gallery that viewers can select and customize a message and send to any email address. The plugin has many extra features like being able to schedule when to send your card/s (send on any day/time you choose in the drop down calendar). After sending a card, you are given the option to send the card to another recipient or select a different card altogether.

We hope this free service will bring smiles to those you think about regularly or just as a Thanks or Thinking About You note!

If you contact us here, you may upload a suggested image for our gallery. Just be certain the rights are yours and the image can be shared.

What we are not:

It is not particularly global, but focused on the news and events in the USA.

It is not particularly commercial except when recommended by use and testimonials or requested by fans to make life better (like My Dog Skip).

It is not poorly designed. The backbone of the site is cutting edge.

It is not designed with hype or traffic-generating tricks or spam since we value our visitors more than they might realize.

Just about small dogs. All dogs are small at some point. Cats are really special and deserve their own place (a cat site may be in the future).

What we are:

Passionate about not just small dogs, but all companion animals.

Supportive of the entire dog nation (they ARE their own nation) and those that share their stories.

Constantly researching the landscape for engaging content.

Open to suggestions and feedback.

Feedback: Send us your comments, suggestions, website issues or complaint (Lucy and Pilar, support mascot, will review those first) here.

FOCUS 2016

Our early focus will be on adoption, animal rights, career advice and daily news. We will welcome your feedback and adjust accordingly.


There's much more than can be stated here, but you can do a Google search for smalldogsusa and get this from the first page:

More can be found about Bill Davis here

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