266 Dogs Survive for Adoption in South Carolina

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Dogs being prepped for adoption.

146 dogs taken from an unlawful breeding operation in Greenville plus 120 small dogs rescued from a Conway residence saves all 266 from a horrible existence.

When the responding officer arrived at the property, they noticed a building where the mother dogs and their puppies were being kept had an “overpowering smell of ammonia,” according to the police report. There were about 50 dogs in this structure. In the backyard, there were multiple dog cages made of wood and metal, with wire sides and bottoms.

“The wire located in these cages was not sufficient for the dogs to walk on without falling through,” the report states. The cages were about two feet off the ground, and underneath were piles of dog feces and urine. The report states that the number of dogs in each cage was inappropriate.

Renee James, the owner of the dogs, surrendered them voluntarily to the Horry County Animal Care Center, where they were given shots, medical exams, and where photographed and catalogued.

According to Lt. Denis with the Horry County Police Department, once the dogs become available for adoption they will be listed on theAnimal Care Center website.

Now, after an excellent job by police and animal care workers, these companion animals are being prepared for adoption.

Many will be available as early as this week.

Small Breed Dogs' Popularity Fuels the Fire

The majority are popular small breed dogs like Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, and Dachshunds.

dachshund mix being prepped for adoption

Petango.com – Meet Annabeth, a 3 years 6 months Dachshund, Standard Smooth Haired / Mix–Ready for adoption March 10th

How is such an effort orchestrated? According to The Operations Manager at the Horry County Animal Care Center, Kelly Bonome,

…it's always overwhelming to get so many animals at once, Bonome says they have preparedness plans for this kind of situation. We sat down, we orchestrated…who's going to do what, made those assignments, and just really worked right through it, Bonome said. However, with a number so large, on top of what the care center already has, Bonome says euthanization may be a reality.

Animal care workers said some animals will be ready for adoption next week, after they are spayed and neutered.

A very special thanks to the workers in the field!

If you know of anybody ready to adopt or considering adopting a small dog, please let them know where they can ask about the 266 little ones mentioned here.

Source | Horry County Animal Care Center

Source | Horry County Animal Care Center

For more information head to the Horry County Animal Center's Facebook page or their website.

For resources and tips before adopting, see our article on the small dog adoption process.


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