Chocolate Havanese, Small, Non-shedding, Hypoallergenic


Are you by any chance a dog lover? You live in the apartments or a small home? Do you get allergies? Small dogs with the hypoallergenic fur can be the right pet for your needs. “Hypo” is the suffix that means below or less. Hypoallergenic dogs can still put out some allergens, but even then at a very low level. Few dogs which take up little space, hence making them suited for apartment life, are Silky Terriers and the Havanese also Coton de Tulear. Most these dogs are all said to be “Toy” size as proclaimed by America Kennel Club.

Silky Terrier was done by cross breeding of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Australian Terrier around late 19th century approximately. Even having these very early dates, it then was fully recognized as a separate breed until around 1955 mostly called Australian Silky Terrier. Some of these dogs have some terrier like qualities like enjoying activity and also possess very sharp alertness levels. Hair maybe long, but these Silky Terriers generally don't shed. This kind of long hair is partially the reason for their name. Generally have very smooth and soft qualities. These dog does always require much more than the average care to care for their silky coat and keep it in condition. These terriers do get along well with some dogs and also children, but also get a bit aggressive when teased or provoked. Some proper education must be provided to as well as people around this animal and also these dog themselves about how to react with each another.

These Havanese dogs were actually developed by Spanish people from a almost extinct breed known as the Bichon Tenerife, hence making these part of Bichon family or breed of dogs. Grooming is not the worry in this breed, also even with the Havanese which are generally shown in tough competition. These look friendly and playful, similar to their temperament. Most of these dogs are fun when around children also other dogs and even most people without getting very possessive. The sturdy frame of this breed makes these much better when around some curious children unlike some fragile “Toy” type dogs. Even though they love to play and also win, these are very easily calmed when told to be by their masters. One of major disadvantage of owning the Havanese is the fact that they suffer from a lot of ailments like cataracts or even hip dysplasia. But these are not common, unless otherwise your dog is adopted.

The Coton de Tulear is yet another dog having Spanish roots also from Bichon family. The home is actually Madagascar, and here it is officially the dog of that country. This very intelligent breed is very playful, and also when pure bred, it's generally white in color. The white coat, although hypoallergenic, sheds much more than their Havanese cousin, hence it requires proper brushing almost once a week. These Coton de Tulears generally love people and also enjoy playing with people and love daily walks and can even maintain pace up on hikes. They are easily attached to their masters and hence suffer separation anxiety few times. But overall, this dog is healthy and lives anywhere from almost fourteen till eighteen years.

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