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Careers With Animals Are Increasing In Demand

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Jobs available in the animal industry are higher than in most industries and are on the rise through 2020.

Would you like some idea of what it might take to participate and get paid?

Are you an animal-lover? Do you enjoy playing and taking care of them and you never seems to get enough of them? Then the following jobs are definitely your cup of tea!

Kennel Attendants

As a kennel attendant, you'll have to take care of small companion animals like cats and dogs in boarding facilities, while their owners are out of town. For a beginning, you will be assigned tasks like:

-Cleaning the animals' cages and dog runs.

-Fill their food and water dishes.

-Exercise the animals by walking and playing with them.

-Bathe the animals.

-Trim their nails and carrying out other grooming duties.

Apart from working with animals, a kennel attendant may spend time at the reception area instead. You may need to help out with accepting new pets into the kennel, selling food and supplies, or helping with obedience training.

What it takes to be a kennel attendant: If you are the kind of person who can't get enough of cats and dogs, this job is the one for you! You'll get your heart's desire in every size, shape and color. Besides, kindness to animals is essential, along with an understanding of the animals' need for companionship and their distress when their owner is not with them.

You must be able to get along well with people too, who is your real customer in the kennel business. Good ability to follow instructions is also necessary as you'll need them to abide special dietary instructions for some animals.

Where the jobs are: You can find such jobs in dogs and cat kennels and your city's animal control agency. Check the Yellow Pages for more places.

Where this job could lead to: Possible jobs could be a veterinarian, animal surgeon, a professional dog walker or kennel manager.

Dog/Cat Groomer's Helper

Dog and cat groomers' helpers are a special breed and they are specialize in making the animals look beautiful. They are responsible for grooming a pet and the steps involve are:

-Carrying out an initial brush-out of the fur.

-Clipping the fur using different grooming equipments.

-Trimming their nails.

-Cleaning their ears.

-Bathing and blow-drying the animals.

-Performing the final clipping and styling.

As a dog/cat groomer's helper, you also deal with pet owners. Other tasks that you are responsible for are answering the phone, scheduling an appointment and report any medical problems that they notice during the grooming.

What it takes to be a pet groomer's helper: You must be able to read an animal's body or vocal language. Besides that, you have to be comfortable dealing with different animal disposition. Safety is always a high priority and this prevents you from getting bitten or scratched.

Although your knowledge of animal health will increase along the way, it would be better if you have an initial knowledge about them. Good communication skills with customers are also needed. Most importantly, you'll need to have poise to deal with emergencies and a deep love for animals. The artistic side of you will also be appreciated.

Where the jobs are: Pet grooming shops of course! Look through the Yellow Pages for all the pet grooming shops listed there. Alternatively, you can inquire at dog kennels, animal shelters, veterinary clinics or pet supply stores.

What this job could lead to: You might pursue one of the careers listed for a kennel attendant.

Don't waste your talent and show your love to animals today!

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